Eye treatment with laser for great vision

Would you like to see clearly? Are you tired of glasses or contact lenses? Then you have probably heard of laser eye treatment. There are different forms of laser eye treatment available. Each treatment is slightly different, but all of them use a laser beam to reshape the cornea.

Cornea back into shape

Each laser eye treatment makes use of a special kind of laser to adapt the cornea. One treatment first creates a flap in the cornea before giving it the proper shape. Another type does not have this requirement and the cornea can be reshaped directly. With laser eye surgery it is possible to perform a plus, minus or cylinder correction so that your sight will improve.

Eye treatment with laser

Various corrections are possible with a laser eye treatment. Whether or not treatment is an option depends upon the strength of your prescription.
For instance, it is possible to correct astigmatism (cylinder) up to -6, hyperopia (long sightedness) up to +6 and myopia (near sightedness) up to -10.
laser eye treatment cannot be reversed once it is done!

Vision correction without reshaping the cornea

Are you not eligible for laser eye treatment or do you prefer that your cornea is left intact? Then check out the possibilities of implantable contact lenses.
These are placed in front of your own eye lens. Sounds scary, but it can be over in as little as 20 minutes, depending on the type of lens.
You can enjoy a lifetime of perfect vision and if the IOL lens would ever be replaced or removed your cornea will still be clear.
Just look here for more information about the implantable contact lens and its benefits! These lenses are available for prescriptions ranging from + 12 to -23.5!!