An eye laser clinic that suits you

Are you considering laser eye treatment?
No doubt you want the very best. After all, you only have one pair of eyes. Which eye laser clinic can you choose and is there a difference in the treatments they perform?

In Europe it’s easy to find a good eye laser clinic quickly. The prices can vary greatly from clinic to clinic, though.

Choose an eye laser clinic that offers quality and reliability

Don’t be fooled by the prices that are advertised. Some eye laser clinics offer laser eye surgery at a bargain price. If you read the fine print, though, you will see that there are a lot of additional costs. Also be sure to check how the aftercare is arranged and if there are any follow-up treatments.

Quality is much more important. Find out what treatment methods and laser they use. Make sure the doctors are properly trained and certified. Then make a selection of eye laser clinics that you are interested in and meet the people behind the company.
Make an informed choice. In this regard it is recommended that you delve into other corrective eye surgery options as well, including lens implants.

Eye clinic and lens implants

With lens implants you can leave your glasses or contact lenses in the closet.
No laser is used to reshape your eyes, they remain intact.
A very small intraocular lens implant is inserted in front of your own lens through a tiny incision.
With this intraocular lens implant you can see perfectly! Your healthy cornea is not tampered with or reshaped.

These special lenses, which were actually invented by a Dutch professor in 1977, are only placed by certified ophthalmologists. These mini lenses are named ArtiLens and they are currently being used worldwide to help people optimize their vision.Look here if you want to know more about the benefits of ArtiLens.